Allan Haverholm

Artist, writer & performer

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Prisoner's Cinema

Please scroll through for an overview of my work, in practice, theory and performance.


When the Last Story is Told

I have published a number of experimental comics and art books, as well as contributing to and organizing international anthologies and exhibitions.

Through reduction of motive and narrative, I have arrived – for now! – at the non-figurative collages that I work with today.

I see that development as a freedom from story and linearity – a reading experience more like that of maps than of text, and as an exploration rather than finding the quickest way from A to B.

Original artwork available for purchase on Artboost and Artmoney.

When the Last Story is Told


I have taught experimental comics and visual narrative for more than a decade, including workshops at the National Gallery of Denmark, Arken Museum of Modern Art, and lectures at North European conferences and symposia.

Through the years I have regularly written articles and reviews for Scandinavian and international magazines within that field. More recently I applied that accumulated experience in earning a Master's degree in Visual Culture. My thesis is available as a PDF here.


With musician Allan Grønvall, I give live drawing concerts as Grønvall.Haverholm.

Grønvall.Haverholm is an improvisational crossover media act combining live music and drawing with appropriate amplification – distortion and back projection. Giving concerts since early 2015, we have joined our individual fortes in avant-garde comics and extreme music to produce a unique creative performance.


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The Midnight Jam
3AM Jam
The Morning After Jam

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